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Store Policy

Thank you for shopping with us. Our product has a name label of Bessi™
Our simple to use website allows you to browse through our product range, purchase from us directly and communicate with us.

All the products we are selling on our website are in-stock inventory, they are ready to be shipped once the order is confirmed. However although we endeavor to make sure the accuracy of every size of each products are accurate, sometimes we may have mis-count or there maybe human mistake when counting on the initial quantity, if this is the case we will contact you immediately to offer a choice of a different color, or a next closest size, or a different but similar style.

We​ will only contact you for order related communication, no marketing email will be sent to your phone number.
All our model images are authorized to use to sell Bessi™ label and any unauthorized use of our images is prohibited.

Most of our current products are individual packaging unless otherwise specific on the description, example, some of the 3 pack deal maybe be packed together. 90% of our currently carry stock are with bar-code. Some of the past season products has no barcode, however come in individual packaging.

Privacy & Safety

We do not store any of your payment detail or number on our website, all payment made by paypal is secure. Your data are safe and secured with SSL. We are dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information we collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured. We use this information only to identify your orders. 

Taxes & GST

Our price are all GST inclusive. So if a product is showing $15, you will not be added 10% GST at the end of check out. All our prices are GST inclusive.
Order sent to other countries(outside Australia) may occur import tax or duty, customer please contact us if you are unsure.

Payment Methods
  • PAYPAL (Via website)
  • PAYPAL-Credit/Debit Cards (Via website)
  • Credit Card - Visa/Master (Via direct contact with us)
We are processing payment via the Comapny name of PLUS SIZE BRAS, for all Paypal and Credit card payment.